2018 Autumn Blog

From Dr Jane Povey, Founding Director, Creative Inspiration Shropshire CIC

You might be wondering how I have managed to remain so quiet for the past few months. The reason is that I have been experiencing creative wellbeing in action whilst recovering from a small stroke I had in July.

I was approaching my 50th birthday and had been feeling healthy, so this was a shock to my system physically, psychologically and emotionally. I am pleased to say I am now well on my way to recovery. I had excellent NHS care, but I discovered that my biggest challenge was tackling post-stroke fatigue and anxiety which medical services couldn’t help me with.

I have therefore approached the past couple of months trying out all sorts of approaches to building up my strength physically and mentally: enjoying gentle physical activities (swimming, walking, yoga), the social support of my friends and family, creative inspiration from playing my piano and listening to music, and thought-provoking insights from reading and listening to the radio. It is working!

So, although I am not yet up to full speed, my confidence in the importance of the work we are doing is spurring me on in my ambition to lead our network towards its next steps, delivering our mission statement as agreed in our recent workshops:


We now have 176 members and, through our Think Team, have agreed that our next steps are:

1. To strengthen our communications and wider engagement bringing in some digital communications resource
2. To plan our next whole network events and huddles
3. To continue to shape national strategy and policy around arts for health and social prescribing: as an exemplar of good practice, working through national networks
4. To demonstrate the impact of our collective action as we proceed

What I need from you to make this happen is:
• Digital communication and event management resource – volunteers, funding or time from someone within your organisation?
• Ideas for huddles: gatherings of communities of interest within our network with a focus on collective action
• Blog offers: Kate Allan has kindly offered to coordinate regular blogs contributed by network members

I look forward to hearing from you and please spread the word to others who might want to join our endeavour: 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.