Dragon's Den

My Dragon’s Den pitch for SSE - I have been living in Shropshire for 20yrs, bringing up a family, working as a GP and medical manager and enjoying music as my hobby.

I am very proud of our NHS BUT with increasing demand and declining resources it is struggling and as GPs we notice how little is available to enable individuals and communities to develop wellbeing and resilience so they can cope with what life throws at them.

There is a growing evidence base around the value of creative arts in improving wellbeing so I decided to combine my medical, managerial and musical interests to establish a social venture. 

Creative Inspiration Shropshire CIC is here to grow individual and collective wellbeing and resilience in Shropshire through creative arts.

Our social mission is to make Creative Inspiration available to the most isolated and vulnerable in our community rather than only those who can access and pay for us directly.

We are developing as a collaborative of arts, health, care and community organisations.

What we do is identify a group of participants and we organise high quality, participatory creative events tailored around their needs. We have raised £10k and put on 46 events over the past 18 months.

Establishing as a CIC last September was a means of turning our venture into a financially sustainable, professional business using a range of funding sources. We are developing an evidence based evaluation framework through which we can demonstrate the value of our approach in support of funding applications.

We now need to develop a robust business plan and I think this SSE programme would help me to do this and to develop personally as a social entrepreneur . I most enjoy and benefit from group learning with mentorship, action learning and peer support so I would love to become part of and contribute to the SSE community.

I wanted to leave you with a glimpse of the impact we have - imagine you are old and frail , living in a care home, your memory is not so good, communication is increasingly problematic so you tend to disengage from the world around you and things which most mattered to you. Here's what a little Creative Inspiration can do:

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